Update 24.11.2013

Update 24.11.2013

Postby reaby » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:30 am

I've been working this week pretty much around the plugin pack again :)

To setup with dedimania use following config:
Code: Select all
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    ManiaLivePlugins\eXpansion\Dedimania\Config.login = "your_server_login"
    ManiaLivePlugins\eXpansion\Dedimania\Config.code = "your_server_code"

    manialive.plugins[] = 'eXpansion\Autoload'
    manialive.plugins[] = 'eXpansion\Dedimania'


Major Changes:
* Dedimania plugin is now fully part of the plugin pack.
* new plugin: Chatlog --> with chatcommand /chatlog
* Moved all color-definitions to Core\Config.php
* Debug messages facility for developers
* Debug writes also a log + you can throw anykind of variables to debug.
* Help-widget + ingame help topics in english
* option to hear high ding!-sound if your time is getting better
* Changed dedimania not to limit recieved records to server maxrank when new record was driven.
* Local records revert / bugfix : it counted 2x player finishes

Minor fixes:
* Map Listing has now proper header-text.
* Jukebox window has now drop-button for non-admins too...
* Changed admin panel icons to better ones.
* Servername/Clock updates its contents on map change, fixes minor bug if server name is changed the widget didn't update.
* Scaled down servername/clock widget.
* Cancel vote checks now if there is a vote progressing and doesn't trigger a cancel if one is not needed.
* Added notice messages if player tries to start vote, when vote is already progressing.
* Help plugin enhancements.

Known issues / TODO
* If you run on very modern php 5.5.0 or later, you will see lots of deprecated notices due manialive itself uses the deprecated mysql extension.
* server management --> game options-window misses checkboxes for enabling/disabling "use new rules" for team and rounds
* Localrecords top5 and top1 messages not localized
* If multiple users are using help or maplist or whatever window, and the other player closes the window or updates its contents the manialive actionhandler deletes the actioncodes, which renders the window buttons / clickable items non working since there is no reference what to do for the click.


I hope we could do its first release in 2 months time, then the plugin pack has been under development 1 year =)
Alot has been done up today, i wish the work done would be taken into use when the time arrives, there is still lot to do, mainly writing help and tutorials and using it in daily basis to spot all the errors. Beta testers would be more than welcome at this point of the development :)
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