Update 29.11.2013

Update 29.11.2013

Postby reaby » Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:31 pm

The week went frelling fast, but i coded and tested a lot again during this week, perhaps too much since it took nearly every minute of my freetime... anyway here's this weeks changelog:

Changelog 29.11.2013

* many updates to locales and messages
New messages will have #translate# prefix, so it's easier for the translator to spot them.
If you run eXpansion in debug-mode, the prefixed messages will show, so it's easier to spot them.
In normal mode the #translate# prefix is removed, so pure english message will display.

note to devs:
To update the localizations, first run genLocales.bat, it will generate new en2.txt with updated locale-messages.
Then run updateLocales.bat, which will calculate the difference between the new and the old ones + add missing lines.

* TMKarma auto server location discovery works now!
* Removed TMKarma from autoload

* deleting a map from filesystem using ingame should work now in all cases
* adminpanel will now appear/disappear 'on the fly' when new admin has been added/removed
* new localrecords and dedimania messages
* Disabled Widgets_bestcheckpoints from autoload (temporarily)
* Added new plugin: Widgets_BestRuns, which will show the rounds top1 player time and all checkpoint times.
To enable the new widget, add following line below AutoLoad:
manialive.plugins[] = 'eXpansion\Widgets_BestRuns'

* Records widget can be now configured to display either on SCORE-layer or at NORMAL-layer.
chage next map + widget times back to normal layer.
* added info for newcomers to press TAB
* added gui plugin to autoload! also changed the widgets to blink when hud is unlocked.
* Fixed a bug adding multiple admins without closing the window between
* Minor bug: If you restarted a map, widgets didn't update correctly. Also wrong mapname was displayed at podium, now fixed.
* fixed the bug with force scores not forcing scores! (thanks frostbeule for spotting this)
* fixed the windows starting position to center of screen when window is opened first time for a player (thanks frostbeule for spotting this)
* Added new feature: HUD controlpanel :) You can now choose what elements you want to see in your personal hud.

Known issues
* If you run on very modern php 5.5.0 or later, you will see lots of deprecated notices due manialive itself uses the deprecated mysql extension.
* If multiple users are using help or maplist or whatever window, and the other player closes the window or updates its contents the manialive actionhandler deletes the actioncodes, which renders the window buttons / clickable items non working since there is no reference what to do for the click.
* If you run widgets_records at NORMAL-layer, there is rare bug at podium when it and ranks is overlapping, no idea where it comes, i try to fix it.
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