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To set up MySQL databases, please launch your web-browser and type-in following address:

Once logged in: Click privileges Click add a new User

If you are setting up multiple servers, a good naming idea might be: manialive_server1, manialive_server2 or if you have already choosen the login names of the servers then use those to make individual databases.

Below is example of the view you should have

User name: manialive_server1
Host: localhost 
Password: ********
Re-type: ********
Database for user: 
{ } none 
{x} create database with same name and grant all privileges. 
{ } Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\%) 

Click the little Go button at bottom right and we now are set up for MySql part.


To obtain the latest packages for ManiaLive use following links:

Download latest ManiaLive up to date and the standard plug-ins. You should have dedicated server installed already, you can use that directory or do separate directory for server controller. Let’s assume you did the directories like suggested earlier in this document. So head to C:\tm_dedicated\
Unzip the ManiaLive zip package there. It should create a folder named manialive_??? Now rename that to something useful like manialive_server1

Go to the newly made folder and extract the zip containing latest eXpansion to the directory.


edit c:\tm_servers\manialive\run.ini

;do not edit this line

Save and quit.



which php

it should say it’s /usr/bin/php, if not then use the one it gives.

edit /opt/tm_servers/manialive_server1/run.ini and point the full path to php:

;do not edit this line

Save and quit.

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