Installation tutorial for WINDOWS

Installation tutorial for WINDOWS

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Installation tutorial

Watch full install tutorial at Youtube


  • Environment setup
  • MySql setup
  • Manialive setup
  • eXpansion Setup

Environment setup
To install eXpansion, you first need a working ManiaLive installation which needs a working ManiaPlanet Dedicated server.

You can follow the installation guide there, but in Windows make the default install to a hard drive root i.e. C:\tm_dedicated\server1\ or D:\tm_dedicated\server1\

This example will use XAMPP as the server component for MySQL and PHP. You can also use WAMPP, Uniform-server or get the official service-packages for PHP and MySQL.

Installation package for XAMPP can be found at:

The recommended place to install XAMPP is at root of any hard drive, i.e. C:\xampp\, D:\xampp and so on. This installation guide will use C:\xampp for default location. After installing and doing the basic security settings open the following directory: c:\xampp\php\

Find file named php.ini and use Notepad++ to edit the file contents.

Search for php_curl it should be somewhere near line 950.
Remove semicolon from the start of the line, the text-color changes from green to black this means the option is enabled.
Search for php_sqlite and remove the semicolon if any, do same for php_sqlite3

Write following additional line at the end of the extensions:

Code: Select all

Save and close the editor for now.

MySQL Setup

To set up MySQL databases, please launch your web-browser and type-in following address:

If you are asked to log in, give login: root and empty as password, and change the root password the next thing.

Once logged in:
Click privileges
Click add a new User

If you are setting up multiple servers, a good naming idea might be: manialive_server1, manialive_server2 or if you have already choosen the login names of the servers then use those to make individual databases.

Below is example of the view you should have

Code: Select all
User name: manialive_server1
Host: localhost
Password: ********
Re-type: ********
Database for user:
{ } none
{x} create database with same name and grant all privileges.
{ } Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\%)

Click the little Go button at bottom right and we now are set up fo MySQL.


To obtain the latest packages for ManiaLive use following links:

Download latest ManiaLive up to date and the standard plug-ins. You should have dedicated server installed already, you can use that directory or do separate directory for server controller. Let’s assume you did the directories like suggested earlier in this document. So head to C:\tm_dedicated\
Unzip the ManiaLive zip package there. It should create a folder named manialive_???

edit c:\tm_servers\manialive\run.ini

Code: Select all
;do not edit this line

Save and quit.

eXpansion setup

Download the latest eXpansion from github: ...

Extract the zip to c:\tm_servers\manialive\libraries\ManiaLivePlugins

It will create a folder named "eXpansion-master", now rename it to "eXpansion"

Then edit the config.ini at C:\tm_servers\manialive\config
and add following lines:

Code: Select all
ManiaLivePlugins\eXpansion\Dedimania\Config.login = "your_dedimania_login"
ManiaLivePlugins\eXpansion\Dedimania\Config.code = "your_dedimania_code"

manialive.plugins[] = 'eXpansion\Autoload'
manialive.plugins[] = 'eXpansion\Dedimania'

Fill in your dedimania_login and dedimania_code and start manialive!
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