What is eXpansion plugin pack ?

What is eXpansion plugin pack ?

Postby reaby » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:47 am

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eXpansion plugin pack is a set of plugins for ManiaLive server controller used in ManiaPlanet games.

The main idea of this project is to provide clean but yet powerfull user interface that any one can administrate or use with ease.
Basic functionalities can be accessed with point-and-click using the mouse and we have build in support for translating the plugin pack totally.
Translating is made very very easy, so anyone who has time can do a new translation!

Hopefully this project hasn't been done in vain and the plugins could find their way to be used :)

  • Easy to use graphical user interface, with fully working windowing system with movable windows!
  • All-in-one solution when using AutoLoader
  • Build for eSports and Casual gaming
  • Multilanguage support (currently: en, de, fr, nb, fi, nl)
  • ManiaExchange integration
  • Dedimania integration

Visual server administration using gui windowing system
- start/stop server and/or manialive
- change all server-releated settings like name, comment, if it's hidden in server list, etc etc
- change all game-releated settings: game mode, podium chat time, mode-spesific settings for ta, rounds,cup, laps and team, with use new-rules options.
- manage admingroups, add group, add admins to group, set group permissions etc etc
- matchsettings manager - save and load matchsettings in graphical way
- graphical scriptmode settings manager
- force scores (for team and rounds)
- change rounds custom points system
- repair, backup and optimize database

a sophisticated permission-based system for all plugins to use, you can define any number of admin groups,even with inheritage for your server, so you are not anymore bound to predefined MasterAdmin, Admin and Operator groups.

is a support plugin to load all standard plugins easily with only one configure line in ManiaLive config.ini

is a serverTags plugin to provide additional information about the server

is plugins to remove maps automaticly from the playlist, which has map ratings under certaint percentage.

Customized chatbox style, you can define custom chat color for your server, also it supports custom admin chat color and also a different chatcolor for relay servers.

even we have fully working server graphical admin, some of you might still want to use chat commands to set server parameters, we do support around 90% XAseco and Fast commands, so migration is easy, just use the familiar commands you used before :)

will provide last 100 lines of chat history browsable in a window

is a widget familiar from XAseco, simply displays current checkpoint at bottom of the screen

is the basis of the whole plugin pack, and it's mandatory to load it the first thing you do (if not using autoload)

creates and manages various database tables used with eXpansion

obviously, a dedimania integration plugin!

generates html documentation of all available the chat commands with help

a donate panel, to allow planets donation made for the server :)

add various emotes like /gg

a ingame help browser with many topics

force a custom mod-graphics for the server

support plugin

support plugin

quite obvious

Informs the server about joining and leaving players, also will display if joining player is streaming for twitch.tv using maniaplanet twitch broadcast

provides local server records table

as a player you can browse and queue maps to be played on server temporarily (if vote passes), also provides admins same functionality, but permanent adding.

basicly a map karma plugin. This uses 5-star system to rate the map, also has chat triggers ---, --, -, + ,++, +++

maps listing plugin, you can also sort the columns by clicking the column header, first time a-z, and second z-a

a menu plugin for easy access to plugins so no chat commands are needed, menu will be at center and right edge of the screen, normally minized but when mouse is hovered to screen edge it shows fully

Mumble server integration

basicly a 2nd chat-like window with 6 scrolling lines to redirect different plugins server messages

Overlay_TeamScores & RoundReport
overlay to show team scores for spectators

add personalmessages and admin group chat abilities

a players list with kick, ban, blackslist, mute, force spec for admins

run a quiz with points counting, powered by /ask command, no predefined questions data, players ask and answer their self

TMKarma TMKarma integration

familiar widget to center top of the screen

a best runs widget to center top of the screen, choose wither this or the bestcheckpoitns

Widgets_Clock adds server name and clock to top left corner of the screen

Shows a local server ranks at podium

Shows little widget with your statistics at bottom right of the screen

This shows dedimania and localrecords on TAB-layer (by default) or as widget on normal layer at left edge of screen

shows difference to your personal best or top1 time of the map, triggers on checkpoint

a voting plugin to replace native restart and skip votes
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