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installing Manialive and eXpansioon with composer

PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:50 am
by oliverde8
About our ManiaLive Branches
master : Runs with the actual master branch of our plugin pack
dev : The latest version of ManiaLive, it might not be compatible with our version.
devWorking : The version of ManiaLive for which our dev branch works fine

There is a lot of changes going on at the moment on ManiaLive, so there might be a lot of instabilities that is why we keep 3 branches, to test easily the latest branch, keep a working version and develop easily on a stable branch.

Installing for Users
1)Clone the default ManiaLive :

2)Edit composer file to include expansion
  • Open composer.json with notepad
  • Add , "ml-expansion/expansion": "dev-dev" to the end of the require list

3)Use composer install
  • do php composer.phar install
  • It should install everything automatically

*)To update ManiaLive or eXpansion
  • do php composer.phar update
  • And magic is done

Installing for Developpement
  • Clone the default ManiaLive :
  • use composer to install libraries (php composer.phar install)
  • create folder ManiaLivePlugins inside libraries
  • Clone expansion into folder eXpansion
  • Switch to dev branch (git checkout dev)

If the latest version of Manialive isn't working still, you might want to switch to our branch.
You might to do this again after a composer update.

Re: installing Manialive and eXpansioon with composer

PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:55 pm
by oliverde8
Updated to use the new composer structure of ManiaLive :D
The current git branch doesent worked I fixed it and asked magnetik to pull it, very small error on plugin unload that makes it crash